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So You’re Engaged, now what? 5 things you should do after you say “YES”!So you’ve said yes!

So you’ve said yes! The moment a lot of people dream of. But once that ring is on your finger, where the heck do you start? There are 5 simple tasks to keep in mind when starting to plan your wedding. If this wedding planning to do list is followed in order, you will start the wedding planning process calm and relatively stress-free!

1. Solidify budget

Once you have called your family and posted your ring selfie, it’s time to get down to business. Discussing your budget with all parties who are involved in paying for the big day may seem daunting but it’s the FIRST thing you need to do! Your budget determines Every. Single. Detail of the day and is the very first thing you need to have a firm grasp of or things will quickly get out of hand.

2. Create guest-list

Your budget determines every detail for your big day and that includes your guestlist! The reason you should firm up your budget first is because your guestlist is dependent on that number. For example, if you have a 300-person guestlist and a $40,000 budget, that will likely not work unless you plan on serving hot dogs for dinner (but maybe that’s your thing—to each their own!).  Your guestlist is a reflection of your budget and goes hand in hand with sorting out the remainder of the details. 

Grab a glass of kombucha (or whatever your fave drink is!), sit down with your love and write down all of the people who you would like to be surrounded by on your day of. Don’t forget to ask your parents as they will have a lot of requests when it comes to the guest list— especially if they are paying! TIP: Have a back up plan and consider the fact that COVID-19 may still be lingering by the time your big day comes around; having a backup list of your closest friends and family is a good idea in case you need to cut numbers!

3. Hire your wedding planner 

An investment I would highly recommend (and not just because I happen to be one!). Having a wedding planner can take so much pressure off of you during your time planning. Let’s be real, on average, it takes about 200 hours to plan a wedding—That’s basically a second full time job! Most planners have multiple package options that suit multiple budgets and in the grand scheme of things, is a very small portion of your overall budget. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you had a trusty side kick along the way who has sent multiple brides down the aisle?

Photography by Catchlight Photo

4. Search for the perfect venue

Budget and guestlist creation come first because they are the two main factors that will help decide which style and size venue will work for you. I can’t tell you the number of couples who choose their venue and then have to change their budget and guestlist right off the hop. Who needs that kind of stress in the beginning? Think long and hard about what details are important to you; is it style & theme, food, quality service, picturesque backdrop? If you have an idea of the style of venue you would like, your wedding planner will be your greatest asset in searching for the perfect spot because he or she will likely have a wealth of knowledge in that area.

5. Solidify a theme & hire the perfect vendors

Once you have your budget, guestlist and venue sorted out, the fun can begin. These three key items set the tone for the entire day and once they are decided upon, you will be able to decide on the overall theme and formality. Set up a Pinterest wedding board and grab a beverage (I’m sure you’ve already been doing that though!). Anyone involved in the design of your wedding (Florist, Planner, Decorator, Hair & Makeup) will want to see your visions! Once you have some ideas of what you would like your wedding to look and feel like, your wedding planner will be able to work with you to guide you to the vendors who will work within your budget to pull off your vision!

That’s it, easy peasy! Remember, there will more than likely be bumps along the way because there is a ton of emotion involved in planning your wedding day. If you try your best to stop and take a breath every once in a while and follow some simple guidelines, your stress levels should stay low. If you are the type of person who needs guidance, I would recommend reaching out to a wedding planner in your area.

Hiring a wedding planner, whether it be for a quick consult to get you on your way or to stay by your side for the duration of your engagement, is an asset you will not regret investing in. Most planners have multiple packages to suit different budgets and styles, so chat with a few different ones and go with one that feels like the best fit!

Most of all, remember that this is supposed to be a happy time. You are engaged to the love of your life and that’s what this is all about—you two and your love story!

Happy Planning!



Thinking of hiring a wedding planner? LQ Events is a boutique wedding planning company serving Hamilton, Burlington, Halton and the Niagara area. Head over to and click the “let’s chat” button to speak with owner and lead planner, Lindsay about your big day!


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