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BeautiMark Pro and Covid-19 Protocols

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

This year has been an interesting one to say the absolute least! You have all been on our minds during these unprecedented times. We understand how difficult the decision to move your planned wedding dates to next year (or a later date) has been. Especially for those brides who had been planning their weddings in order to accommodate ill family members, or ones travelling from abroad, and will now have to wait.

The same goes for all the graduates, prom attendees, and just about everyone else who had an event to attend.

We have made it as easy as possible for our brides and clients to reschedule their events for the following year, or next scheduled date by allowing them to transfer their deposits over, given the new date is still available.

Changes to Protocols

The BeautiMark Pro Studios will ensure the safety of our clients and staff by following a standard of new protocols, and continue to follow previously implemented systems.

Prior to each appointment, the studio will be sanitized, from entrance to seating area. We will be conducting daily temperature checks of staff and clients to ensure they are not symptomatic. We will now be asking each client to arrive to their In-Studio appointments wearing a mask, and to sanitize immediately upon entry. Clients are asked to arrive to their trial appointments solo at this time until further notice. If you would like to FaceTime with a loved one, this is a more favourable option.

Each client will have an opportunity to enter the studio only at their scheduled appointment time, and no sooner. Should you arrive to your appointment early, you will be asked to kindly wait outside or in your vehicle.

Individuals who have traveled out of the country in the past 14 days, and/or have a cough/cold will be asked not to schedule an appointment at this time.

Our Makeup Artists and Stylists will arrive to on-site/mobile appointments wearing a mask, for everyone's protection. Makeup Artists and Stylists will continue to use sanitizer in between each client service and follow proper application procedures.

Good News

Where other beauty vendors have just started to think about what changes should be made and how to add new protocols, BeautiMark Pro has always taken pride in our internal artist training in sanitary makeup application. We have integrated strict makeup application guidelines in order to stop any spread of bacteria. We use disposable tools as much as we possibly can, and sanitize each tool thoroughly before it is used again. Despite our ongoing training sessions, we continue to review and update our protocols as we go to ensure the best and most sanitary service as possible.

Book your event with us today! You won't be disappointed.


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