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BeautiMark Pro is the Most Versatile Hair & Makeup Pros in the GTA. We cater to each and every bride of all backgrounds and ethnicity. Our expert hair designers and makeup artists are fully immersed in the world of international bridal beauty. Whether you are going for a classic, contemporary or high-fashion look, we have you covered. Choose from our packages below!

Our talented team serves the most diverse clientele, meeting the needs of all backgrounds including Western/European, Indian, Tamil, Pakistani, East Asian, and African.


  • Full HD Airbrush Makeup

  • Luxury vegan Mink Lashes

  • Custom Couture Hair Design

  • Tikka & Jewelry Setting

  • Dupatta Setting or Braid Extension

  • Engagement Photos

  • On-site Touch Up or

  • Reception Changeover

  • Airbrush Makeup & Hair Trial

  • Full HD/Airbrush Makeup

  • Vegan Mink Lashes

  • Custom Hair Design

  • Tikka & Jewelry Setting

  • Dupatta Setting or Braid Extension

  • HD Makeup & Hair Trial or

  • Engagement Photos

Princess Sara

  • ​Full HD/Airbrush Makeup

  • Vegan Mink Lashes

  • Custom Hair Design

  • Tikka and/or Jewelry Setting

  • Dupatta Setting or Braid Extension

  • Other Hair Accessory Application​

Princess Layla

Malika Queen



This is a full trial including two hair and makeup looks. You may bring along all your inspiration pictures to show and discuss with your artist and stylist. This is the perfect opportunity to try full HD airbrush makeup or traditional depending on the looks you are going for. You may pick the style of lashes that will pair perfectly with your desired looks. 



The perfect trial for those brides who want to try just one main hair and makeup look.

If you are going for two different looks on the wedding days, but want to have the artist apply just one of the looks and just discuss the second look with you in detail, this package is for you. You will have the opportunity to try your jewelry on with the look as well as have your full hair and makeup (Airbrush or traditional) done with the desired set of lashes. 



The basic trial provides a full consultation where the artist/stylist will go over your wedding day hair and makeup looks in detail. 
You may choose to have a live video or in person consultation. This is a good opportunity to show the artists your dress and jewelry and discuss your overall wedding theme, in order to determine your desired look!


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